The Asian American Scholar Forum (AASF), an organization that led 50+ organizations with coalition partners to prevent the reinstatement of the Department of Justice’s “China Initiative,” condemns the recent committee mark-up vote of HR 1398 “Protect America’s Innovation and Economic Security from CCP Act,” and all efforts to reinstate the discriminatory ‘China Initiative’ program.
In a victory for the Asian American scholar community, AASF and allies have succeeded in preventing the relaunch of the ‘China Initiative.’
To celebrate and acknowledge the vast contributions of Asian American scholars, White House officials hosted a roundtable convening of prominent Asian American scholars and leaders from the Asian American Scholar Forum (AASF) to discuss the issues and challenges facing the community.
Today marks two years since the Department of Justice’s ‘China Initiative’ was formally terminated, a critical step in the right direction to addressing serious concerns of racial profiling and discrimination against Asian American scholars, particularly those of Chinese descent. While a crucial step, we must remain vigilant and work to ensure the ‘China Initiative’ is not reinstated.
The American Academy of Arts & Sciences (The Academy), one of the nation’s oldest learned societies, founded in 1780 by the nation’s Founding Fathers, recently announced AASF Board Member and Yale Stem Cell Biologist Dr. Haifan Lin as the recipient of its esteemed Francis Amory Prize in Reproductive Medicine and Physiology.
As the new year begins and civil rights groups prepare for Congress to return, Asian American scholars and allies are at the ready to keep pushing back against some policymakers’ attempts to reinstate the DOJ’s now-defunct “China Initiative”—a devastating program ended nearly two years ago that raised concerns of racial profiling and targeting of Asian Americans and immigrants, particularly of Chinese descent.